State Rep

Manchester Ward 12

Hillsborough District 18

More Freedom Less Government

I am Matt Whitlock, and I am asking you to elect me as your state rep­resen­tative. I support the principles and policies that made New Hampshire the freest state in the union but which have been severely eroded and continue to be attacked on all sides. I believe that the individual is the most important political subdivision and that a good government is one that respects the autonomy and self-determinism of all individuals. You should be free to choose how you conduct your life and your business, and the government should only step in if you are doing harm to others.

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and your right to defend yourself and your property. I support religious freedom and the strict separation of church and state. I support your right to privacy, both from big business and from the prying eyes of government. I believe you own your body and that you alone should decide what goes into it and what doesn't. I believe that individuals know better what works for themselves and their families than the state ever could. I want to restore and protect your freedoms that big government has insidiously stripped away from you.

Please vote for me.
Matt Whitlock
No Income Tax
No “wage tax” either. The state is not entitled to skim from your livelihood.
No Sales Tax
Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage that boosts our economy.
School Choice
Let families choose how best to educate their children. Don't force them to pay for public schools if they choose an alternative.
Business Freedom
Let small business owners set their own policies for masks and social distancing. The Governor is not a dictator.
Less Waste
Less government spending means lower property taxes. End ineffective programs and align incentives to increase efficiency.
Non-Partisan Solutions
Partisan bickering and brinkmanship get us nowhere. I will advance ideas that everyone can get behind.